About us

Hiring decisions are the most important decisions in any organization.

Our founders

Metaview was founded by Siadhal Magos and Shahriar Tajbakhsh - two hiring nerds and team-builders that have operated at some of the most innovative, high-growth, and high-bar companies in the world.

Before Metaview, Siadhal worked on product at Uber - the fastest growing company ever - where he built and led teams in a period when the company grew from 7,000 to 17,000 people in under two years.

Siadhal Magos
Co-founder & CEO

Prior to Metaview, Shahriar was an Enterprise Tech Lead at Palantir, leading their product and engineering efforts. Whilst there, he conducted hundreds of hours of interviews per year, hiring for both his and other people's teams.

Shahriar Tajbakhsh
Co-founder & CTO

Our vision

Enable world-class and aspirational organizations to identify, attract, and grow the right people with unerring reliability.

Evidence-based decisions

We use Talent Science to capture and surface the data that is most telling of ‘organization-talent fit’ to our partners. Often, this means using technology to access and shine a light on sources of insight that have never been considered accessible before. Hiring decisions are the most important talent decisions within any organization, so our journey starts there. Organizations that use Metaview make more data-informed hiring decisions than their competitors: They have fewer false negatives in their hiring funnel, fewer false positives, give better candidate experiences, and enjoy a shorter time-to-hire.


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