Data driven, personalized interviewer coaching

Metaview gathers real data from your interviews, generates insights, then provides expert guidance and advice on how to improve as an interviewer.

Easily record and transcribe your interviews

Whether via video-call or in-person, Metaview makes it super-easy to audio-record the job interviews being conducted at your organization, then automatically transcribes them.

Interview analytics and metrics

Metaview generates unique interview insights so training is relevant to the individual and improvement is measurable.

Expert recommendations and reinforcement

Highly accurate transcripts enable Metaview’s in-house interview experts to provide highly-contextual, targeted re-enforcement and guidance on how to interview better and ask better questions.

Metaview identifies your best interviewers, and creates personalised coaching plans for the rest

Metaview provides interviewer feedback and recommendations that are tailored to the interviewers experience level and the organization’s priorities.

Works seamlessly with your existing HR software stack

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Start hiring deliberately, with Metaview.

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