Conversation analytics for your interviews

Metaview listens in to job interviews and pulls out insights so that organizations can interview more effectively and make better hiring decisions.

Easily record and transcribe your interviews

Whether via video-call or in-person, Metaview makes it super-easy to audio-record the job interviews being conducted at your organization, then automatically transcribes them.

Metaview provides reports on interview effectiveness

Your best people are spending hours every week interviewing. Interview Insights help you understand how effective your interviewers are and what they need to do to get better at this key skill.

Empower hiring managers with data and insights when making crucial hiring decisions

Hiring decisons are the most important decisions made within any organization. Metaview provides access to an unprecedented level of qualitiative and quantitative insights, so you can stop relying on memory, gut, and debate to make these all important decisions.

Understand your interview process at scale

With Metaview's dashboards, you can start to answer questions like... What are the most common quesitons asked by candidates? Are we interviewing candidates of all backgrounds in a consistent manner? Are we pitching the organization and our values effectively during interviews? What competencies are we neglecting to assess in our hiring process?

Works seamlessly with your existing HR software stack

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Start hiring deliberately, with Metaview.

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