Automated interview shadowing

Metaview Shadow Paths automatically manages your shadowing, and ensures new interviewers get up and running 3x faster than before. No need for spreadsheet jujitsu, and zero logistical spaghetti.

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Shadow Paths
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I love Metaview — seriously. I've interviewed 100+ people so far using Metaview and after each one of those interviews I've gotten immediate and actionable feedback which has improved every subsequent interview and ultimately the hiring decisions we make as a company. If my interviewing skills are the product, Metaview has been the ultimate tool for rapid iteration and ultimately growth.

Alex Wimbush

Head of Product — Sendwave

Metaview Shadow Paths are 3x faster

3x faster, 10x less work

Metaview Shadow Paths takes away the burden of scheduling, coordination, and logistics. So, you'll get new interviewers up and running 3x faster than before, without having to do any work yourself.

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Seamless integration with your existing tools

Out of the box, Metaview Shadow Paths integrates with your existing ATS, scheduling flows, and other processes.

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Metaview Shadow Paths Integrations
Metaview Shadow Paths Transparency

Complete transparency and visibility

Metaview Shadow Paths automatically tracks all actions and activities, so that you have complete transparency into the state of your interviewer training. From understanding your average time-to-graduate, to knowing who's overdue — without any additional work.

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Trainees consistently learning from the best

70% of interviews are not appropriate for shadowing. Metaview Shadow Paths enables you to shortlist past interviews for trainees to virtually shadow, ensuring they always learn from the best content. Zero time wasted.

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Metaview Shadow Paths Consistency
Metaview Shadow Paths Mock Scorecard Feedback

Automated feedback on mock scorecards

Metaview Shadow Path makes your interviewers world-class at writing scorecards by providing automated feedback on trainees' mock shadow scorecards.

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