Stephanie Tsimis

Marketing Lead
Tell us about yourself.

I’m Stephanie, Metaview’s Marketing Lead. I’m originally from the East Coast of the U.S. and spent my career in San Francisco before hopping the pond to London a couple of years ago. Prior to joining the Metacrew, I worked in various (mostly) marketing roles at YouTube, Google, Plaid, and Visa where I did things like launch new product features, tackle reputational challenges, and develop brands of all stages. When not thinking about how to generate demand for Metaview, I love reading, doing yoga, and exploring new corners of the UK or elsewhere in Europe (preferably where there’s a beach!).

What got you interested in joining Metaview?

Before I landed at Metaview, I had been at Google for a few years, most recently working on YouTube’s Brand & Reputation team. While I loved working on a brand and product with a huge global scale, I was itching to go back to an early-stage company on a high-growth trajectory where I could play a role in building something transformational. No small checklist! When I spoke to the Metaview team, I was immediately impressed with the high-trust working environment and the ambitious team. I could tell they were building a top-notch product in an exciting category, and I wanted to be a part of it.

What are your career aspirations and how is Metaview helping you get there?

Metaview presents the chance to help build a company that’s having a meaningful impact within its problem space, which ultimately is my most important career aspiration. Joining Metaview at this stage also gives me the ability to touch all elements of a marketing strategy from end-to-end—something that’s not always possible at a larger company. I’m enjoying the challenge of thinking about how all elements come together to drive overarching goals. Because of Metaview’s size, I also have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of how other areas of the business work. All of which I’m sure will serve me well in whatever comes next!

What are some people, companies or books that most inspire your work?

I am most inspired by authentic leaders I’ve worked with throughout my career who have brought an infectious excitement that motivated teams to do their best work and keep the bar high. Above all, I’m inspired by leaders and companies who never lose sight of the human element of their work and strive to create some kind of positive impact in the world that wasn’t there before.

What sets the opportunity at Metaview apart from other places you have worked?

What’s most exciting to me about the Metaview opportunity is that we’re pioneering a nascent category, which presents an especially energizing challenge with lots of untapped potential that’s ours to seize. The people and culture at Metaview are also unique in that the team is hungry to build something special and do the best work of our lives while maintaining a humble, collaborative environment.

Stephanie Tsimis