Tom Kasprzycki

Product Operations
Tell us about yourself.

I’m Tom and I work on the Operations side of things at Metaview. Prior to Metaview I worked as a management consultant at Deloitte, followed by 5+ years at Uber on the driver operations and mapping teams, and finally leading Jump’s (Uber’s former e-bike and scooter subsidiary) expansion into Canada.
I now help Metaview customers get onboarded, ensure that interviews are getting captured reliably and are processed quickly, and everything in between. When I’m not building new Retool dashboards, you might find me training on Zwift and getting closer to my goal of biking up the real Alpe d’Huez one day.

What got you interested in joining Metaview?

After Uber, I was looking to join an early-stage startup with a solid early technical team and working on a problem that I could get excited about. That’s how I came to get in contact with Siadhal through the Uber alumni network. During our initial discussions, I discovered that the problems that Metaview was tackling resonated with me as I had first hand experience with the challenges of interviewing at scale while at Uber.

What are your career aspirations and how is Metaview helping you get there?

As one of my former managers liked to say, we should strive to 1) do meaningful work, 2) have fun, 3) make money, and 4) always keep these priorities in that order. Yes, it sounds cliché, but I still think it’s a simple way of looking at one’s career options and aspirations. I feel that this aligns well with my first year at Metaview.
For example, I get ownership of tasks from end to end: interacting with customers and getting feedback on our product, then working with our engineers to make these improvements, and finally implementing these changes so all customers can benefit from them. To me it’s a lot more fun and rewarding to see that full cycle, instead of just being a small cog in a big machine.

What are some people, companies or books that most inspire your work?

I’ve been fortunate to work on strong teams with great managers and impressive peers over the years so I don’t need to look too far for inspiration, but if I had to recommend one inspiring business book I would say Shoe Dog, the memoir by Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

What sets the opportunity at Metaview apart from other places you have worked?

I have worked in a few cool places and I think Metaview compares favorably to my previous experiences in the following ways:

  • Opportunity to work in a nascent market segment helping to solve a challenge that impact pretty much every high growth company you can think of: how to hire quickly and at scale while maintaining quality
  • Transparent, collaborative and low ego work environment across the entire company means you get to work with high caliber colleagues across all functions of the business
  • Having end to end ownership means that you get to experience the impact of your work and learn new things outside your existing skillset

Whether you are an ambitious new grad or an experienced manager, as long as you are excited by the problems we are working on, you will find fun and meaningful work to do with us at Metaview.

Tom Kasprzycki