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When we have conflicting feedback from different interviewers on a particular candidate, I use Metaview to review the interviews and come to an understanding about the things the hiring team was not in agreement about.

Edward Wilde · Head of Engineering at Form3

Edward Wilde

See what’s really happening in interviews and avoid costly mishires.

With visibility across all interviews for a particular role, you can more efficiently calibrate on what you’re looking for in a candidate. When there’s inconclusive feedback or conflicting opinions on performance, go straight to the game tape to make your own judgements based on facts.

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Autonomously train your team to identify and attract the right hires.

Automate your interview training with virtual Shadow Paths to ensure everyone is trained to a common bar of excellence. Choose only the best interviews for your hiring team to learn from, making every interviewer your best interviewer. Expand your pool of interviewers quickly, without sacrificing quality.

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Give interviewers powerful insights so they can improve over time.

Have peace of mind that your interviewers are prepared to impress top candidates and gather strong signal. Metaview provides ongoing coaching and feedback after each interview so interviewers have actionable tips on how to improve. We also surface objective data on the consistency and quality of interviews to help highlight areas for reflection.

If my interviewing skills are the product, Metaview has been the ultimate tool for rapid iteration and ultimately growth.

Alex Wimbush · Head of Product at Sendwave

Alex Wimbush

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