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I really like the Consistency Checks. I look at these after an interview to see if it was well-balanced. The candidate talk time is especially important for me.

Bozhidar Gevechanov · Tech Lead at Catawiki

Bozhidar Gevechanov

Focus on gathering signal instead of taking notes.

Metaview records and transcribes your interviews so you’re freed from furious note-taking in the moment. Instead, you can focus on the conversation at hand and not stress about missing important details. Teammates won’t have access to recordings of your interviews unless you decide to share it with them.

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Share feedback based on facts, not feelings.

Metaview makes it easy to refer back to what really happened during an interview so you don’t have to rely on fuzzy memories when filling out your scorecard or participating in a debrief. Revisit important moments or areas you weren’t sure about to make confident judgements.

Ramon Lytle

We had conducted dozens of hours of customer interviews.

And they hadn't really been analysed based on this new direction.

I figured that would help us make this decision.


Get objective insights to improve over time.

Get personalized feedback on your actual interviews so you can easily identify areas for improvement and get tips for what to work on next time.

We surface objective consistency and quality metrics on each of your interviews to help you reflect on your interviewing.

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Elyse B


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Having a clear intro

You shared a high-level personal background here.

You'd be amazed at how many interviewers skip this!

But then you jumped straight into the assessment here, without outlining the structure and purpose of the interview.

It's always best to clearly explain what you're looking to learn from the conversation as part of your intro to help the candidate know how to orient their answers and increase their chances of putting their best foot forward.

Lydia T with you

Elyse B


And then I joined the Product team here about a year ago and have been focused on developing new features for our mobile app experience and also on growing the team.

Now, let's dive into some questions about you. Can you tell me about your current role and responsibilities?

Lydia T


Sure. So, I've been in my current role as a PM for the past two years.

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