Effective interviewers are your greatest asset when hiring

Interviews are the most important step in any hiring process: They are where the decision gets made by both candidate and employer, and where the vast majority of communication with the candidate occurs. For the first time, Metaview makes world-class interviewer coaching and feedback accesible to all.

Your Interview Data. For the First Time.

Identify more of the right people

Empower hiring managers with insights and data to make crucial hiring decisions rather than relying on memory, feeling, and bias.

More effective interviewers

Know how effective your interviewers are and what they need to do to get better at this key skill.

Consistency and fairness

Capture new, objective data on the interviews being conducted across your organization to ensure quality and fairness.

Better candidate experience

87% of candidates say a positive interview experience can change their mind about a company. Now you can build the best experience based on data, not best-practise.

Shorter time-to-hire

Reliably identifying and attracting the right people means fewer slip through the net.

Start hiring deliberately, with Metaview.

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