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Metaview uplevels the most outcome-defining part of your recruitment process: your interviews.

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Metaview is the most effective way to improve interviewing at Bulb because it reacts to how people actually interview. The team loves it because it helps them continuously improve their interviews and develop themselves. Metaview requires almost no implementation and is ready to go in no time.

Michael Laws
Head of Recruitment — Bulb

Seamless transcription

Metaview automatically records and transcribes your interviews on the platforms you already use.

Evidence-based decisions

Discuss, collaborate and make hiring decisions based on the evidence. Stop relying on feelings, hastily written notes, and foggy memories.


I love Metaview — seriously. I've interviewed 100+ people so far using Metaview and after each one of those interviews I've gotten immediate and actionable feedback which has improved every subsequent interview and ultimately the hiring decisions we make as a company. If my interviewing skills are the product, Metaview has been the ultimate tool for rapid iteration and ultimately growth.

Alex Wimbush
Head of Product — Sendwave

Coached by experts. Powered by AI.

Metaview Coach provides interviewers with personalised, contextual feedback so they can all contribute to building an exceptional organization.

Data-driven, measurable impact.

Metaview generates unique data and insights about the interviews in your organization, then improves them.


Metaview’s Interview Metrics show me insightful information about our interviewers individually and in aggregate. Being able to use AI to quickly pinpoint strengths and areas of improvement is a powerful tool that helps us interview better as a team.

Irin Son
Head of People — AngelList

More shadowing. Less scheduling.

With Metaview, your best interviewers can help level-up interviewers and review candidates at a time that suits them.


As we grew our team, we cared about maintaining a great candidate experience and being consistent in the way we interviewed as more people became involved in the recruiting process. Metaview enabled us to scale our hiring quickly without compromising on quality by providing tailored interviewer feedback on what we cared about, including reducing interview bias and clearly communicating our values/mission.

Liz Savory
Chief of Staff — Sendwave

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