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Leading companies around the world use Metaview to record and summarize recruiting calls, while covering all of their privacy and security needs.
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SOC 2 Type II
Secured by 256-bit encryption
Trusted by thousands of recruiters, from next-generation startups to established enterprises.
Metaview handles all security and privacy considerations. So you can focus on hiring—not worrying about compliance.
Every day, Metaview is used on thousands of recruiting calls at companies across the US, Europe, and more, so you can have peace of mind your compliance responsibilities are covered.
Interview recording
Interview recording is an established, legally-sound method of improving compliance, reducing risk, and decreasing bias in the hiring process. If you prefer, you can use Metaview without recording interviews too.
Candidates can opt out in a single click at any time, without it impacting their candidacy.
98% of candidates opt in to having their interviews recorded—they want a fair interview from an undistracted interviewer.
Candidate consent
Metaview complies with all relevant regulations including GDPR and CCPA. We help you collect candidate consent to record interviews, or opt out, in a single click.
Audio-only capture
If you or the candidate prefer to only record audio, you can simply disable video capture.
On-demand deletion
Whenever you need to delete a recording, you can do so at the touch of a button.
Granular access controls
Control who has access to interview data within your organization with role-based permissions, so it’s only shared according to preferences you’ve set.
Customizable data retention
As the data controller, you can set data retention policies you’re comfortable with and delete personal data at any point.
Enterprise-grade security
We are SOC 2 Type II certified and continue to maintain the industry’s highest standards for enterprise-grade security.
Get your AI notes
without recording
If you prefer not to record calls for any reason, you can still use Metaview in Transient Mode. In Transient Mode, we take notes and summarize the call as it’s happening, destroying every audio and video packet as soon as it’s processed. At the end of the call, there’s no recording of the conversation — only the generated notes.
Get your AI notes without recording
Get your AI notes without recording
Redact sensitive information
Easily remove sensitive information before sharing your notes with the team. Whether it’s to reduce the chance of potential bias, or to protect candidates’ privacy, you can instantly redact whatever you’d prefer others not to see.
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