What we do

We are building the AI copilot for hiring

Metaview is the anti-toil company. Toil is the force that opposes progress — it is to progress as friction is to motion. Our answer to toil is Human-Computer Symbiosis.

We're building the AI copilot that will fundamentally change how hiring gets done.
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Our Operating Principles

Our principles help us do the best work of our lives. They keep us aligned on how we build, communicate, and make decisions.
Own it end-to-end. From inputs to outcome.
Our responsibilities do not stop at the edge of our skill-sets or interests. We ship end-to-end and only stop when the customer has felt the benefit.
Actively transparent.
We all work to operationalize transparency actively in how we communicate. Without all the information, how can you trust our amazing teammates to do amazing things?
Work backwards from the customer.
It’s easy to get excited by cool ideas, or things that are “now possible”. But our customers have problems to solve, objectives to hit, and opportunities to sieze.
Optimize for rate-of-learning.
We treat learnings as the highest form of currency for delivering future impact, and act accordingly: we run experiments, question thoroughly, and talk to customers over-and-over. We covet earned secrets.
Drive to clarity.
We believe upfront and ongoing alignment is a multiplier on our net effectiveness, so we value precise language and driving to clarity.
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Our founding story

Before Siadhal and Shahriar started Metaview, they worked in product and engineering teams at Uber and Palantir during hyper-growth. They both quickly came to the same realization: the highest leverage work they did was building teams.
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Siadhal and Shahriar, co-founders of Metaview