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Metaview Team

Our mission is to power people decisions with the truth

It’s a cliche, but that doesn’t stop it being true: people are the most important thing in any organization.

Metaview is working at the bleeding-edge 
to harness the data that matters for building amazing teams. We’re starting by capturing and analyzing data from interviews, which have long been the biggest data leak in the entire hiring process.

We're already helping world-class organizations run amazing interviews

Our operating principles

Our operating principles help us do the best work of our lives. They keep us aligned on how we build, communicate, and make decisions.
Own it end-to-end.
 From inputs to outcome.
Our responsibilities do not
 stop at the edge of our skill-sets or interests. We ship end-to-end and only stop when the 
customer has felt the benefit.
Actively transparent.
Being “happy to share when 
asked” is not enough. We all work to operationalize transparency actively in how we communicate. Without all the information, how
 can you trust our amazing teammates to do amazing things?
Work backwards from 
the customer.
It’s easy to get excited by cool ideas, or things that are “now possible”. But our customers have problems to solve, objectives to hit, and opportunities to sieze. Our job is to understand them, then give them superpowers.
Optimize for
We treat learnings as the highest form of currency for delivering future impact, and act accordingly: we run experiments, question thoroughly, and talk to customers over-and-over. We covet earned secrets.
Drive to clarity.
We believe upfront and ongoing alignment is a multiplier on our net effectiveness, so we value precise language and driving to clarity. When we sense a lack of alignment on the context or the go-forward plan, we call it out and make resolving that the top priority.
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Meet some of our team

We're building a collaborative, diverse, high-performance team to help us achieve our mission. We’d love for you to join us. You can learn more about a few members of our team here:
Lyubo Raykov
Lyubo Raykov
Product Engineer
I’m an engineer currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria who loves building reliable software to solve customer problems. Previously, I’ve worked on SaaS products at different companies including Uber, Docker, and Gitlab.
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Stephanie Tsimis
Stephanie Tsimis
Marketing Lead
I’m Stephanie, Metaview’s Marketing Lead. I’m originally from the East Coast of the U.S. and spent my career in San Francisco before hopping the pond to London a couple of years ago. Prior to joining the Metacrew, I worked in various (mostly) marketing roles at YouTube, Google, Plaid, and Visa.
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Tom Kasprzycki
Tom Kasprzycki
Product Operations
I’m Tom and I work on the Operations side of things at Metaview. Prior to Metaview I worked as a management consultant at Deloitte, followed by 5+ years at Uber on the driver operations and mapping teams, and finally leading Jump’s (Uber’s former e-bike and scooter subsidiary) expansion into Canada.
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Our founding story

Before Siadhal and Shahriar started Metaview, they worked in product and engineering teams at Uber and Palantir during hyper-growth. They both quickly came to the same realization: the highest leverage work they 
did was building teams.

So why was this also the part of their work least supported by technology, data, and tooling? Metaview was founded to correct this imbalance.

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Metaview Co-founders
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