Metaview works with all the tools in your recruiting stack.
Applicant Tracking Systems

Integrate Metaview with Ashby to unlock richer candidate data and advanced functionality:

  • Automated interview capture: Metaview automatically records, transcribes, and summarizes calls scheduled through Ashby.
  • Scorecard auto-fill: Metaview’s AI will automatically fill out objective fields of your Ashby feedback forms, and let you edit and submit them straight to the ATS.
  • Intuitive navigation: Links between Metaview and Ashby make it easy to jump from the interview in Metaview to the candidate’s profile in Ashby, and vice-versa.
  • Seamless team management: Metaview displays all Ashby users in its team management page, making it easy for you to decide whose interviews you want to capture.
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What is Metaview?
Metaview's AI automatically takes your recruiting notes for you so you can focus on the conversation at hand. Whether it's intake meetings, interviews, or candidate debriefs, Metaview provides perfectly-structured notes that capture everything that was discussed.
How can I access Metaview’s AI-generated notes?
Can I edit Metaview’s AI-generated notes?
Can I use Metaview’s AI-generated notes in other platforms?
What video conferencing tools does Metaview work with?
Does Metaview work for calls conducted over the phone?
Does Metaview assess candidates?
Do I need to change how I run my interviews?
What makes Metaview different to other note takers? Can I use Metaview for other types of conversations, or just interviews?
Can I control which meetings I want Metaview to join?
Does the candidate have access to the notes?
Do I have to inform the candidate the interview is being recorded?
Can I delete recordings?
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