Metaview works with all the tools in your recruiting stack.
Applicant Tracking Systems

Be ready for anything with Pinpoint—the fast, flexible applicant tracking software.

Talent teams are constantly faced with change. From hypergrowth and expansion to evolving policies and hiring manager priorities, they need to quickly respond to new demands.

Your ATS should make that easier to do, not harder.

Enter Pinpoint: Pinpoint’s intuitive platform means it will always be easy-to-use for your talent team, hiring managers, and candidates. And under the surface, you’ll find the flexible tools you need to continue evolving. Stay agile as you grow your company, advance your talent strategy, or hire across different markets.

Fast, flexible software and unlimited help from our team means you'll attract the right candidates, select the best, and wow your new hires from the moment they say ‘yes.’

Integrate Metaview with Pinpoint to unlock:

  • AI-powered recruiting notes: Metaview’s AI provides perfect summaries of all your recruiting calls, whether it’s intakes, screens, interviews, or debriefs. Customize notes to match your exact needs and leverage our Assistant chatbot to instantly recall key details or pull out insights from conversations.
  • Automatic capture: Metaview automatically records, transcribes, and summarizes calls scheduled through Pinpoint, so you can get your AI-powered notes without even having to think about it.
  • Richer candidate data: Links between Metaview and Pinpoint make it easy to jump from notes & recordings in Metaview to the candidate’s profile in Pinpoint, and vice-versa. So all of the data sources you have on a candidate are readily accessible in one place.
  • Seamless team management: Easily give the hiring team access to Metaview’s AI-generated notes.
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What is Metaview?
Metaview's AI automatically takes your recruiting notes for you so you can focus on the conversation at hand. Whether it's intake meetings, interviews, or candidate debriefs, Metaview provides perfectly-structured notes that capture everything that was discussed.
How can I access Metaview’s AI-generated notes?
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Does Metaview assess candidates?
Do I need to change how I run my interviews?
What makes Metaview different to other note takers? Can I use Metaview for other types of conversations, or just interviews?
Can I control which meetings I want Metaview to join?
Does the candidate have access to the notes?
Do I have to inform the candidate the interview is being recorded?
Can I delete recordings?
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