Introducing AI Filters

20 Mar 2024 • 2 min read

Today we’re excited to share another game-changing new feature: AI Filters. You can now use our AI to find, organize, and get alerted about the recruiting conversations that matter to you. 


Find the conversations you care about  

With AI Filters, you can search for whatever conversations you need based on what was mentioned in them. On top of that, you can use legacy ATS properties (e.g., Interview Stage) to further narrow down the list of conversations. 

Here are a few examples of queries you can search with AI Filters:

  • "Show me all the recruiter screens for Senior Backend Engineers in the past 3 months where the candidate mentioned experience with LLMs"
  • "Find all candidates who rejected our offer and asked about company culture"
  • "Show me all intake calls where the client mentioned working with other agencies"

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it with AI Filters! 

Once you’re done, you can save your AI Filters so they’re always handy. 

Customize what you see with AI columns 

Once you’ve filtered a list of conversations that matter to you, you can ask our AI to extract the exact information you want for each conversation and add them to the table. For example, you can bring in detail like compensation expectations or scorecard recommendations to get a richer picture of the candidates in your list.

Get alerted every time a new conversation is available

Every time a new conversation matching your AI Filters gets added to Metaview, you’ll be alerted so you’ll never miss a conversation you care about. Teammates can also subscribe to alerts and you can seamlessly share lists of conversations with whoever you want.

Ready to try AI Filters?
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