Engineers at Catawiki use Metaview to interview, and hire, with confidence.

Siadhal Magos
Siadhal Magos
17 Feb 2022 • 1 min read

When scaling - especially at speed - it might seem obvious that the quality of a team depends on both the candidates and the interviewers.

But in 2021, Catawiki brought on 300 new tech hires and were especially keen on that balance. James Lesner, Head of Recruitment, explained:

The focus has been about getting the right people on board, doing it quickly, but also at scale and doing it consistently, in a way where we can measure the quality of the people we’re bringing on board.

They knew they needed to be able to measure and optimize their hiring processes, and they used Metaview to help them do it.

You can see the full case study here.

Find out how Catawiki used Metaview to elevate their interviews.
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