Fresh capital to build AI that radically enhances hiring.

Siadhal Magos
Siadhal Magos
28 Mar 2024 • 3 min read

We're happy to share that Metaview has raised $7M in Series A funding from a phenomenal set of new and existing investors. The round is led by Plural, with participation from Zach Coelius, Vertex Ventures US, Seedcamp, and Village Global, as well as a few angels: Barney Hussey-Yeo (Cleo), Kyle Parrish (Figma), and a number of customers. We're grateful for the support and excited to use the funding to further accelerate our rapid growth.

Origins (in short)

Founders, executives, hiring managers, and recruiters will often lament "hiring is broken". They feel the way they go about building teams is unreliable and weighed down by busy-work. And they’re right. 

We believe that's because, until recently, it hasn't been possible to capture and make sense of the most important data in the hiring process. The unstructured, ambient data from human-to-human interactions (like interviews, debriefs, calibration meetings, offer calls) is what really matters. It's in these interactions that hiring actually happens. 

We knew this when we started Metaview in 2018, but the technology — and therefore our product — wasn't there for us to truly be a game-changer for our customers. Try as we did, we just weren’t able to build the applications or create the insights off the back of this data that solved a pain large enough to become a must-have product. We hadn’t managed to make something people needed.

Then, in late 2022, OpenAI launched GPT-3.5. Our ability to synthesize meaning from the conversations we were capturing was transformed. The equation had changed. We realized this was a bet-the-company moment.

Off the back of this ☝️ experiment, we pivoted the company. 

We started to build AI-first. We focused on radically enhancing hiring conversations, workflows, and the decisions that they result in. 

We launched world-first feature after world-first feature after world-first feature.

And it went well.

  • Customer count grew 20x YoY.
  • User engagement increased 23x YoY.
  • Customer acquisition cost fell to laughably low levels as our users became raving fans (hear from them here).

It was real type-2 fun :)


At Metaview, we believe AI is going to do so much more than just compliment existing workflows. It's going to become the foundation upon which critical business workflows will be re-imagined. And no business workflow is as critical or as in need of re-imagination as hiring. 

We could not be more honored to be charting the course and setting the pace for how AI is leveraged in hiring. To do this, we are growing our team with builders of all stripes across Product and Engineering, Marketing, and Sales. Please do get in touch if you're high-ownership, customer-focused, and in search of a career-defining role (our careers page is here).

As a team, we feel privileged to have the support of phenomenal investors and customers as we carry out our mission to radically enhance hiring workflows and decisions. We've got so much to build, so many secrets to earn, and millions of customers to win and delight.

We can't wait to make it happen 🫡

Follow us on Linkedin and X for updates and memes, and check out our careers page for the latest opportunities to join us.

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