Introducing Snippets: Create & share highlights of key interview moments

10 Jan 2024 • 2 min read

We’re excited to kick off a new year with more product magic to level-up your hiring process. Today we’re announcing the launch of Snippets, a much-requested feature that lets you create and share highlights of key interview moments. 

What are Snippets?

Snippets are short, easily shareable clips from interview recordings. With Snippets, recruiters can more effectively collaborate with hiring managers and interviewers by making sure everyone has the context and insights to run a high-quality hiring process. 

Here’s a quick demo from our co-founder, Siadhal, so you can see the power of Snippets in action:


Why use Snippets? 

Enhanced Interviewing Efficiency

With Snippets, you can share clips from earlier-stage interviews to facilitate quicker calibration with hiring managers and avoid wasting time on unnecessary rounds. You can use Snippets to help prep HMs and interviewers with the relevant background context they need to make the most of their time with candidates.

Go straight to the game tape to make informed decisions

When there’s mixed opinions in the panel’s feedback—or an area where notes alone don’t give enough color—use Snippets to help stakeholders go straight to the source of what the candidate actually said so they can make their own informed judgements. For example, if the HM is trying to get a read on a more nebulous topic like motivation, or the panel can't agree on whether the candidate meets the bar on attention to detail, create Snippets to pull out the key nuggets of information you need to get to clarity. 

At the end of the interview process, you’re left with a collection of insights that give hiring teams a succinct, rich picture of the candidate that goes beyond what notes and scorecards can convey. 

As always, Snippets are AI-boosted to maximize helpfulness and efficiency. This includes auto-generated summaries and titles for each clip, making it easier to understand the context at a glance.

This is just the beginning of the exciting product updates we have in store for 2024. Much more to come soon! 

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