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How Hudson RPO levelled-up efficiency, collaboration, and decision making with Metaview

Automating what was once a very time-consuming activity in the recruitment process, we’ve released time into our recruiters’ days, allowing them to focus on more strategic and high-value tasks.
Stephen Fitzgerald · Head of Technology & Innovation
Hudson RPO
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Old Greenwich, CT
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Average time saved per recruiter per week.
Hudson RPO, a leading global provider of recruitment and talent advisory services, is always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and quality of their processes. In particular, they found that recruiters were spending a lot of time on manual note-taking, at the expense of the quality and consistency of the data they captured.

Hudson RPO wanted their recruiters to prioritize having detailed, engaging conversations with candidates and stakeholders, rather than trying to take notes and potentially miss critical information or opportunities for quality interactions. They also wanted to improve the quality of notes and decrease time spent editing and summarizing them, so that hiring managers could more quickly receive the candidate summary, easily understand the key points, and give swift feedback on next steps.

Metaview becomes a vital part of recruiters’ toolkit

Drawn to Metaview’s user-friendliness and advanced summarization capabilities, Hudson RPO initially brought in Metaview for a high-priority, high-volume recruitment project.

The project team handled the entire candidate lifecycle, making it business critical to improve efficiency, enhance the recruitment experience for candidates & hiring managers alike, and ensure delivery on the agreed deadlines.

Following the success of the initial pilot, Metaview was seamlessly integrated into Hudson RPO's daily operations and quickly became a must-have tool for recruiters. Recruiters at Hudson RPO now use Metaview throughout the hiring process, from initial hiring manager job briefings to candidate phone screens and interviews. Metaview’s AI ensures critical points are accurately captured and summarized, so recruiters can easily refer back to detailed notess throughout the process.

Recruiters get time back for high-value tasks

One of the main benefits of bringing in Metaview has been the huge time savings. Each Hudson RPO recruiter saves approximately 8-10 hours weekly. This efficiency gain has freed recruiters to focus more on high-value tasks.
Metaview has enabled the team to improve the quality and accuracy of their candidate interviews and hiring manager meetings as well as save time during the recruitment process.

Instead of spending 20-30 minutes to write up the notes after a candidate call, the team can simply access the interview notes via Metaview.
Tom Bitudio · Head of Talent Sourcing
Metaview allows us to pay closer attention to the candidate’s answers and follow up on responses more effectively. This results in calls sounding more natural and conversational and ensuring all information from the candidate is captured.
Nathan Machholz · Regional Talent Acquisition Manager
Metaview has proven to be a game-changer. It saves us time and allows us to have meaningful conversations with candidates. From a data management perspective, you always have access to the information if you need to refer back to it.
Bernard Torres · Recruiter

Increased collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters

Another benefit has been better collaboration between the recruitment team and hiring managers. With Metaview’s notes and recordings, recruiters can more quickly and precisely align candidates with hiring managers’ requirements. And hiring managers love the consistent, high-quality notes that Metaview provides.

Metaview has also simplified the process of information sharing across roles and candidates between team members. Recruiters can easily access detailed interview notes and recordings, facilitating better candidate comparisons over time. Being able to revisit hiring manager briefings and candidate interviews has also helped maintain consistency and accuracy throughout the recruitment process.

With Metaview, Hudson RPO has improved recruitment data quality, enhanced key stakeholder interactions, and empowered the team to make better-quality decisions as a result. The team is now excited to roll out Metaview to other parts of the organization to expand and capitalize on its impact.
As a result of the successful pilot, we are excited to expand this solution more broadly across our organization. Automating what was once a very time-consuming activity in the recruitment process, we’ve released time into our recruiters’ days, allowing them to focus on more strategic and high-value tasks. They can dedicate their energy to engaging with candidates and collaborating with hiring managers to achieve exceptional outcomes.

We have also noticed that the distraction-free conversations we are having with our candidates are higher quality, providing richer insights and allowing us to make better decisions hiring the best talent against the right opportunities.
Stephen Fitzgerald · Head of Technology & Innovation 
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