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How Riviera Partners saves recruiters 6+ hours per week and enhances client & candidate interactions with Metaview

Within a couple of weeks, Metaview was in place for everybody in recruiting, with very high engagement. We’re now not only using Metaview for candidate intakes, but also for sales calls, kickoffs, debriefs, pitch meetings, and more. So we've seen high ROI.
Sandy Ma · Managing Partner
Riviera Partners
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Average time saved per recruiter per week.
Of recruiters agree that Metaview improves their efficiency and productivity.
Capturing consistent and timely recruiting notes is a key part of how executive recruiting firm, Riviera Partners, runs a high-quality search process. However, the firm was facing an issue where recruiters were each using disparate tools and processes for note-taking during recruiting conversations. Sandy Ma, Managing Partner of Growth, says “Without a uniform process, this was leading to significant lag time in capturing notes and feedback into our proprietary platform to kick off the search.” This lack of consistency not only slowed down the search process but also affected the quality of information captured.

AI-powered notes for the end-to-end recruiting process

Metaview was initially recommended by a Riviera recruiter who was using the platform for automated note-taking on status calls. Metaview's ability to use AI to automatically summarize notes, streamline action items, and outline next steps caught the team's attention. Riviera soon decided to roll out Metaview across the full 80-person recruiting team. There was immediate positive feedback from the team and improvement in efficiency.

Supercharged efficiency and enhanced client & candidate interactions

Since implementing Metaview, Riviera has seen major improvements in data quality and increased recruiter efficiency. Sandy says, “Post pitch, we used to not have any data. Now we have better documentation coming out of client meetings.” This is echoed by recruiters on the team:
My favorite part about Metaview is how it quickly summarizes candidate intakes in an organized fashion and how I’m able to ask questions to refresh my memory from conversations with clients and candidates alike. The data quality I can input is so much higher.
Chett Garcia · Director
In terms of time savings, the impact of Metaview has also been notable. The average time saved on a weekly basis is more than 6 hours per recruiter, with some recruiters saying Metaview saves them as many as 15 hours per week. 

On top of the efficiency gains and higher-quality data capture, Metaview also allows for enhanced interactions with customers and clients. The team is able to focus more on the conversations at hand rather than worrying about capturing everything that’s discussed. Here’s what they have to say:
Metaview allows you to stay present and engaged in your conversations without needing to worry about detailed note-taking and provides a comprehensive recap to reflect on after.
Justin Cottrell · Partner
I can be more present and engaged in the conversation, which helps to assess candidates more thoroughly and to look out for subtle red flags I might not pick up on when trying to transcribe everything the candidate is saying.

The same goes for status calls and kickoff calls—I can be far more engaged with a client knowing that the call is being recorded and transcribed.
Jordan Nies · Principal
I can be engaged with candidates and clients more fully when on calls and then my notes are much more thorough as well.
Kortney Rupp · Principal

Continuous process improvements with Metaview

Now that Metaview has helped Riviera increase efficiency, level up data quality, and improve client & candidate interactions, the next step will be leveraging Metaview’s custom templates for more rigorous consistency.
The next phase for us is deciding what templates we’re using as a firm across practices to make sure we’re consistently collecting the right data points.
Sandy Ma · Managing Partner
Riviera will continue to leverage Metaview to run a best-in-class search process that satisfies clients, candidates, and internal terms alike.
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