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Metaview automatically writes your interview notes for you so you can save time and focus on high-quality interactions with candidates.

“I not only found Metaview's notes helpful, but I was blown away by how refined the information is.”

Michael Ruml · Director of Engineering, Mews

“This feature is life changing. It definitely allows me to focus more on the conversation and candidate, plus I take less time to fill in my feedback.”

João Braga · TA Specialist, Voicemod

“It’s super helpful that Metaview puts the main points of the interview in note form and removes all the clutter.”

Katherine O'Neill · TA Specialist, On Running

“This is an EXCELLENT feature. Saves time and effort on duplicating feedback.”

James Lesner · Head of TA, Catawiki




Human → Superhuman

10x your recruiting and interviewing by focusing on what you’re amazing at — not the admin.

Ask our AI anything you
want to know

Have a question about candidates in your pipeline? Just ask our AI, and it will instantly summarize key information, recall specific details, and discover underlying insights.

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Works with all the tools you already use.

Metaview automatically captures interviews through your calendar, ATS, GoodTime, Calendly, or any other tools you use.

It also works with all video conferencing platforms and even mobile calls. So, there’s no need to change your existing workflows.

Covers all your security and privacy needs.

Metaview is built to comply with regulations to protect candidates’ privacy, including GDPR and CCPA.

We keep your data safe with granular access controls, customizable data retention, and SOC II-compliant security.

AI that learns from you, for you.

Every person’s note-taking needs are different. That’s why after every interview, based on your feedback, our AI tailors and improves itself to get closer to your specific needs.

Designed for recruiting and interviewing.

Unlike generic tools, Metaview is purpose-built for recruiting and interviewing. Our approach accounts for the nuances of interviewing and enriches itself with data from other sources, such as an ATS, to synthesize the most relevant notes.

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