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Senior Tech Recruiter, Nick, shares how Metaview helps him deliver candidates to hiring managers “on a silver platter”.
What made you decide to try Metaview?
What really impressed me during the trial period was how accurate Metaview was at consolidating the data as if I was writing it myself. It would almost replicate a human's consideration of what was said in the conversation, so I just thought what better way to put a candidate onto a silver platter and deliver that candidate to a hiring manager. And that's why I fell in love with the platform.
What’s your favorite thing about Metaview?
My favorite two features are the AI copilot, which allows you to kind of dig into a conversation. So if there was a particular question that you might have had about the conversation that maybe you didn't remember, you can ask the AI, "Hey, does this person have experience with React or React Native?"

Another feature I really liked was the ability to build new prompts on the particular portions of the conversation that you want to focus. So you can select that particular template and it's a prompt that I specifically designed myself because I had an interest in a particular skill set or scenario that the candidate might've spoken about.
Have there been any unexpected benefits of not having to take notes?
So an unexpected result that I got from Metaview was the hiring managers being more involved with the interview process because they can actually go in and explore the conversation themselves. So if they want, they can go a bit deeper on a particular skillset, or interest in what the candidate might have said during our conversation.

They can go in there a little bit deeper and make sure that they're making an informed decision whether they want to move the candidate forward or not. So, it was a really cool feature that allows people to get more involved in the process.
How much time are you saving because of Metaview?
Before Metaview, writing notes would easily add a half an hour more to the conversation itself. If I wanted to deliver a candidate on a silver platter as I mentioned before that means being able to present as much information as you can to make sure that the hiring managers are making informed decisions and that's a lot of writing and that's a lot of note taking. So I would say that I'm saving at least a half an hour on every single call.
Do you enjoy interviewing more as a result of using Metaview?
Absolutely. I'm really enjoying the conversations. I get excited now that I see a calendar that's full of candidates for me to speak to and being able to really engage in these conversations and explore these skill sets and these backgrounds.

And a lot of times it's a much more natural conversation. And I'm just really impressed with the platform's ability to kind of pick up the nuances between these conversational points and deliver what's important to the conversation. I would say I'm actually enjoying my job a lot more because I'm not dreading the dreadful note taking portion in it and piecing all the parts of that conversation to a recruiter write up.
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