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Learn why Metaview has been "the biggest step change" in Polar Analytics' interviewing that Head of People & Talent, Luke, has seen.
What’s your favorite thing about Metaview?
It's quite hard to choose my favorite thing, but I think the thing that's given me the most value with Metaview is the confidence I have in the notes that are taken. How they are segmented into the questions that I've asked and the detail they go into and the ease of replication into our ATS.

We use Ashby and it's taken a process that has been very much arduous and something I would save to the end of the day when I was very low energy to complete all my interview notes to something that I can do within five minutes of being off of a call with a candidate.
Have there been any unexpected benefits of not having to take notes?
So what I found really great is the ability with the AI functionality to ask questions and get answers.

So very much the question response, which we're seeing a lot of in the in the market with things like ChatGPT and having a more human element on large language models. So if the notes haven't quite captured everything that I need, it's able to go back into it. So if it's like, you know, more clarity on salary, or I want to check what someone said about a working location, or their interview availability, and it hasn't quite come into the summary notes, I'm able to rather than trying to track through a video transcript, which is full of ums as that we have in our natural speech, especially mine. It has the ability to just kind of have this conversation with Metaview to give me the answers that I need, that I can then quickly add in.
How much time are you saving because of Metaview?
Yeah, I would say it's something over my career that I've become efficient at, but still, the overall note-taking process would take around about 10 minutes per candidate. That's kind of reduced now to 2 minutes I'd say anecdotally, an 80 percent decrease in the time that I spend and that's huge if we have a big hiring effort. What people don't realize is that time compounds. So if you have five interviews in a day that seems a lot longer than 50 minutes of doing it mentally, especially at the end of the day, if you're leaving it to kind of tidy everything up once you've done and you've finished being busy. So it's dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes. It means that I can move forward with candidates quicker. I can get availability from candidates quicker. I can get them booked in for next stages quicker. And ultimately that impacts my velocity when I'm trying to hire people.
What’s been the impact of rolling Metaview out to HMs and interviewers?
It's honestly been the biggest step change in our company in interviewing that I have seen. A lot of the issues, especially when you're quite a young company, is how do you get not just objectivity, but a standard across all teams.

Metaview allows us to do that by giving people, one, the chance to just be present in an interview, so they don't need to worry about taking notes. So if you're a new interviewer, sometimes that sporadic kind of going between two things can be very detrimental to the content that you're able to grab versus an experienced interviewer.

So it levels the playing field for them. It holds a level of accountability for our interviewers as well, so that they have to be interviewing objectively and in the right way because they're accountable. The notes will be taken and it will be there for everyone to see. It also speeds up the time to gather feedback from those kinds of people.

So, as a recruiter very disciplined in getting this stuff done at the end of the day, but I'm sure, you know, everyone's had experiences with hiring managers and interviews where it's taken them a couple of days because they don't prioritize their interview notes to the same level that a talent professional would as well.

It's also been great in our ability to train interviewers. Not only are we able to review critique and help interviewers along the way, especially when we're rolling out cultural. interviewing programs across our organization. It also has a great effect on the more technical interviews that we do.

So, maybe when it would have taken our CTO four or five interviews to work with and shadow an engineer to get them up to speed in how to conduct an architecture interview. He maybe does one and he's able to go in and review the next one on Metaview critique and help, and help also make decisions if they are unsure.

So, we could have a situation where our interviewer has interviewed, they've conducted everything, but they're still not sure because they're very much on the start of their journey as a technical interviewer. We're able to go in and support and help them make a decision if we need to, because it is objective.

And that's something we've never really had access to before.
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