Hear how Replit’s Talent team uses Metaview to save hours per week and go deeper with candidates.

What made you decide to try Metaview?

So I have always been curious about what can help recruiters and interviewers. I've explored a lot of different different technology out there. When I came across Metaview, I reached out to another coworker and found out they were having a meeting with you. Sure enough we set up the time to learn about Metaview and it was exactly what I had been looking for, so I was excited to try it.

 What’s your favorite thing about Metaview?

For me, ultimately, it's the time save, and then just the candidate engagement and the ability to really dive even deeper with questions without being furiously typing away—sometimes loudly. You can go down deeper paths that maybe you wouldn't have been as free to do when you're typing so fast, trying to get every note in.

Have there been any unexpected benefits of using Metaview?

 One that's been interesting is there's obviously days that have a ton of interviews. When you face that burnout towards the end of the day, you feel that relief of knowing you have this tool to help support and make sure not only am I getting the best out of the interview, the candidate is hopefully getting the best out of the interview as well.

How much time are you saving per week because of Metaview?

I think it's probably reduced about 60% of the time spent writing notes, maybe more. On a weekly basis, it's definitely saving me probably at least six or more hours total on busy weeks.

Do you enjoy interviewing more as a result of using Metaview?

Yeah, definitely. I think the note taking part has always been one of the most stressful things about recruiting and interviewing in general. Knowing that you have this paired interviewer in a way, that's very accurate with capturing technical language and systems when you're on technical interviews. I think it's super beneficial that way. But I've just really enjoyed being able to spend more time learning about a candidate. You feel like you've been given back a little time within the interview to allow yourself to dig in and ask additional questions. It’s super beneficial not only for the note taking portion of it, but for really getting to know a candidate in a short amount of time.


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