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Head of Talent & HR, Shayna, shares how Metaview does the work of note-taking for her so she can focus on amazing conversations with candidates.
What made you decide to try Metaview?
I work with a team of people who use a different service for their meeting notes and I was like, "Maybe I should do that." But I wanted to find something specific to the interview structure because it's a bit different than general meetings. So I looked up Metaview and tried it, but the reason I wanted something to begin with is I'm a very conversational interviewer. So I have these amazing conversations and then at the end I'm trying to capture that in the notes. My hiring managers, they give me these brilliant notes and mine end up being like three sentences. I'm like, "Oh, they were really great" because I just couldn't possibly regurgitate all the fun stuff. I'm scribbling while they're talking. I didn't know what to expect when I first tried Metaview, so after I was like, "Oh my god it's amazing."
What’s your favorite thing about Metaview?
Without question, how it captures the details of interviews in such a succinct way, and I've been telling my whole team too, it has multiple options. So you can do the notes in a detailed way, you can do it in a succinct way, you can summarize the entire interview. My favorite thing is that I can have a conversation like this. We're going back and forth. They're asking things. I'm asking things, and somehow this platform knows what question I was actually asking. And in spite of all that back and forth, Metaview just has the question on the top and then a bulleted response for the person's answer. So at the end, that's all I want. When the interview's done, these are the things I wanted to understand about this candidate. I didn't have to tell Metaview. It just knew, and then snapshotted the person's response. It’s perfect. And then I can do a character summary at the top.
Have there been any unexpected benefits of using Metaview?
It's just amazing that sometimes my interviews are actually done sooner than I expected. It's weird. It's almost like I don't have to write things down. It sounds silly, but it's almost like, not anxiety or pressure, but it's a lot to talk to someone to get what you want and then write it down. But you can literally just put your notebook away and it takes you a minute to go like, "Oh, wow. I can just talk." And then the work is done. So I think that feeling of like the work being done for you was a surprise to me. The hiring managers also love it because when you are reading someone's notes sometimes it's just like a list. You hope you can extrapolate what you want out of it. But they're now able to just get that quick punch that they're looking for to see, "Do I have to dig into anything more? That's good, or that's not great." And so I've gotten rave reviews about the summaries that they're getting.
How much time are you saving per week because of Metaview?
Easily at least 10 to 15 minutes per interview and some cycles I might have five or six interviews a day. It's several hours a week, a significant amount of time that I save in my day. Usually, if you don't enter your notes right away, you go back to look at those notes, and they're scribbles, you don't remember. So you kind of have to do it right away. With Metaview, because it captures it so perfectly, you can go back and do it in two days and there's nothing that you have to remember because it's all there. So that is also a kind of great benefit for me.
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