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Operations lead, Martin, shares how Metaview gives him reassurance that, even if an interview derails, all the important points are captured.
What made you decide to try Metaview?
I’m a big AI geek, so I believe I found it while I was going through one of those AI tools lists. I thought, 'Oh, that's actually a great idea.' As we had to do quite a number of interviews for new positions here at the company, I decided to give it a go. You guys assembled a very nice trial. We tested it out, everything worked, and then we decided to go on with using Metaview.
What’s your favorite thing about Metaview?
I think it's ease of setup. If you're doing an online call, you just invite the special email address and it just joins the Zoom. Five minutes after the interview, you have all the notes in your email. Similar for phone numbers, you just use the Metaview specific number. All of it is recorded in the backend and you don't have to worry about note taking or recording the calls as well.
What have been the main benefits of using Metaview?
I do some interviews myself. I also arrange a few interviews for other members of our team. So it’s helped with much faster set up. I don't have to prepare a special notes document for each interview. And then it's also knowing that the whole interview will be recorded. So even if myself or one of my colleagues derails somewhere in the interview, we still know that all those main points will be there, which is quite reassuring.
How much time per week are you saving because of Metaview?
Five to 10 minutes per interview would be a good estimate.
Do you enjoy interviewing more as a result of using Metaview?
I would say yes, definitely, because I can just focus directly on the conversation instead of trying to type everything out. It does save time on the actual interview especially when there are long answers. You can just listen directly and go to the next point with the interviewee instead of trying to write everything down. 
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