Hear how Metaview helped Head of People & Culture, Céline, reduce her post-interview note-writing time from 20 minutes to 30 seconds.

What made you decide to try Metaview?

So I am a one woman show here. I do all the interviews and go through a lot of the hiring rounds just on my own. Wanting to have full focus on the candidates and taking notes at the same time is quite difficult. Not to mention time consuming at the end, trying to wrap up everything that we went through. And when you have 30-40 minute or hour-long conversations with people, there's a lot to go through. So having something to help transcribe, take some notes, and summarize interviews for me definitely sounded like a big bonus.

What’s your favorite thing about Metaview?

My favorite thing is that it allows me to pay more attention during the interviews and not have to worry about memorizing everything that somebody says. I can really focus on the conversation, be more engaged, and just have a better quality conversation. Because I don't have to worry about remembering every little detail or typing things away as we talk, I can just really have that conversation and be much more present. 

Have there been any unexpected benefits of using Metaview?

The ability to go back to conversations that I had 1, 2, 3 weeks ago and even rewatch parts of the video if I want to go deeper into a certain section or maybe a question that they answered. I think that's been really helpful, especially if we're comparing two candidates getting to the final stages and really being able to go back and look at specific parts of conversations. I think that’s a really a good benefit and a nice surprise that I used more than I thought I would.

How much time per week are you saving because of Metaview?

I normally would've spent 15, 20 minutes after an interview trying to collect all my thoughts and write something up that made sense and that was shareable. That's gone down to 30 seconds or a minute now. So tons of time saved there. And when I'm doing 6 to 10, maybe even more interviews per week depending on the time of year, that saves hours every week now that I can spend towards something else.

Do you enjoy interviewing more as a result of using Metaview?

When you can really pay attention and be more engaged in the interview, it always makes it more enjoyable. You can really have a much better conversation and not worry about the little details. So I think it definitely makes it a lot more relaxing and a lot more fun.


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